Bhavas (House)

Houses (Bhavas) are our spheres of life influenced by Grahas (Planets) on regular basis. The way how Grahas affect respective spheres of life indicates the sign (Rashi). Bhava is basically sum of all our experience in respective sphere of life.

Body House  (Thanu Bhava)

The physical “I”, personal character, viability, main tendencies, general well-being, temperament, health, main orientation of life, fame, success

Wealth, Savings House Dhana Bhava

Property and financial accumulation, food, language, benefits, securities, family life, donations, education.

House Of Brothers & Sisters (Sahaja Bhava)

Decisiveness, courage, younger brothers and sisters, neighbors, determination, the ability to realize expectations, intellectual ability, memory, strength, short trips, leadership, communication, commerce, self-expression.

House Of Mother Matri (Bandhu) Bhava

Mother, feelings, native house, real estate, education, knowledge, a place to shelter, clothing, resources for transportation, emotion, happiness overall, comfort, hobbies.

House Of Children’s Putra Bhava

Children, intelligence, romance, pregnancy, theoretical reflection, speculation, business skills, mental practices, spiritual life, wisdom, knowledge of the scriptures, the impact of past life, entertainment, sports, profession, creativity, investment

House Of The Enemies, Disease Ari (Ripu Or Mrityu) Bhava

Enemies, service, colleagues, opponents, accidents, acute illness, competitors, trouble, debts, hospitals, theft, loss, prison, court, offence, servants or assistants, salaried employees.

Yuvati Bhava (Kalatra Vai Djaya)

A partnership, mutual relations, business relations, deals, husband, wife, long trips, links with foreign countries, courts, death, love, contracts, trade, diplomacy.

House Of The Life (Death) Ayur (Mrityu Or Randhra) Bhava

The unknown, transcendent, exploring the unknown, anything unusual, transformation, length of the life, mysterious events, accidents, chronic illness, intuition, instincts, scandals, shame, frustration, inability to forward myself, unearned wealth, heritage, excitement, vitality, sexual energy, fraud, abuse, death, everything associated with the end of life, longevity, failure, suicide, violent deaths, secret life, pension, loans, gifts.

House Of The Success (Proper Actions) Bhagya (Dharma) Bhava

Success, higher knowledge, philosophy, gurus, long trips, pilgrimages, happiness, religion, devotional service, meditation, prayer, father, God, happy destiny, proper actions, ethics, law, divine love, higher education institutions, a link with the divine, legislation, public authorities, chiefs, charity, justice, prosperity.

House Of The Karma Karma Bhava

Career, status, purpose in life, profession, popularity, reputation, ambition, authority

House Of The Income Labha (Aya) Bhava

Earnings, income, pleasant options, cash turnower, friends, allies, winnings, welfare, goals, ambitions, the image, business.

House Of The Liberation Vyaya (Moksha) Bhava

Liberation, loss, distant or a mysterious places, enlightenment, physical pleasures, places which restrict the freedom (hospital, prison, ashram, monastery, nursing homes), failure, poverty, indifference to the material world, renunciation of secular life, generosity, self-sacrifice, spiritual paths, profession, life after death, the previous incarnation.

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