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Tanzanite is a gem of blue to violet and it belongs to member of zoisite mineral group. This stone was discovered by a member of Masai tribesman in the year 1967. Tanzanite is known for its remarkable strong trichroism, which appears alternatively as blue sapphire, violet and burgundy colored in crystal orientation. Tanzanite connects the physical, etheric and spiritual panes. It enhances communication between the two bodies. This blue stone teaches you to live from your truth and reminds the soul of its reasons. Tanzanite is the stone that protects the soul from shocks, trauma and disappointments. It helps the oversensitive people to have control over their emotions.

Yellow Saphire


Yellow Sapphire is considered to be one of the most auspicious and beneficial stones out of all the Navratnas (nine gems) as prescribed in the Hindu scriptures. Widely known as ‘Pukhraj’ stone, or Push Raja (Sanskrit) and Peetmani, this stone claims a very special place in the world of astrology. The Pukhraj Stone is believed to hold the powers of the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the heaviest planet in the solar system, hence imparting distinctive powers to Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) over other precious stones. The wearer of this stone must ascertain its suitability for them from a learned astrologer and a Gemologist to draw maximum benefits out of it



Zircon is a gemstone with a wide color range. A blue variety is sometimes called starlit, it is the most valuable. Such stones in color can resemble expensive Paraiba tourmalines. Another highly valued type has orange, brown or red color. Gem-quality zircons have unique optical properties, a strong birefringence effect and excellent dispersion, thanks to which a gemstone looks bright and memorable. They also come white, green, yellow, purple, and even with the phenomenon of color change