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Kala Hakeek Mala


Black Hakik Mala is a protection shield for Jataka suffering problems due to malefic effect of Saturn ,It also eliminates hard luck and brings in fortune.alongwith positivity and strength and helpful in removing fear, stress and feeling of being alone.

Kamal Gatte Ki Mala


Kamal Gatta is the seed found in a Lotus Bloom. This blossom is considered very promising as Goddess Laxmi is discovered situated on this bloom. The Goddess is otherwise called “Kamalvaasini” for this very reason. Kamal gatta mala is accordingly very full of feeling to mollify the Goddess. Every one of the mantras and Jaap droned for goddess laxmi can be performed with this Mala .

Sphetic Mala


Sphatik Mala Is Related To Venus as per astrology and is an affordable substitute Of Diamond for a common man ,who can’t afford Diamond..It Protects From Negative Vibrations and harmonize after over coming negative vibes.It is a Natural Gemstone and has Power To retain the Energy Of Mantra Chanting and removes the Negative Energy & provides Peace Of mind to the Jatak.

Tulsi Mala


The wearer of this Mala gains health and peace. It maintains ritual purity and wards off evil. Tulsi is regarded as the 4th incarnation of supreme Goddess. Tulsi is regarded as best for worshipping lord Vishnu, Ram, and Krishna. Either during morning ablutions, bathing, eating or at any state which is clean or unclean, Tulsi must be worn; this means mala should not be removed under any circumstance. Shastras say: Tulsi mala should always be worn as yajna-sutra or like the sacred thread.