Lo-Shu Grid is discovered in  China around  4000 years back. Basically  It is a grid containing 9 small squares in it filled up with numbers 1 to 9  in a specific order. Each number is associated with a direction. For eg Number 3 is in the East, & Number 7 is in the West, number 1 is in the North, and number 9 is in the South with number 5 in the Center. Numbers 4,2,6 & 8 are associated in SE,SW, NW & NE respectively. The total of all rows and Columns are 15.

Three COLUMNS from Left to Right respectively are known as Thought Plane, Will Plane & Action Plane & three ROWS from Top to Bottom are representing Mental Plane,Emotional Plane and Practical Plane respectively. Diagonal Planes are called Golden Line and Silver Line in the clockwise direction.

As In the Date of Birth of a person, by default, some numbers out of 1 to 9 are  either  Missing or Repetitive and  they indicate towards certain  Problems/Difficulties/Hurdles & Obstacles in his/her life.

So with the help of proper combination of Lo-Shu Grid and Vastu & by providing Vastu remedies for a particular direction through proper arrangement of 5 Elements (Air, Water, Fire, Earth & Space) as per constructive cycle are given for Missing Numbers and Repetitive Numbers on the following basis.

  1. Colour Remedies
  2. Providing colorful strips according to Element of Direction and
  3. Keeping favourable  items and removing unfavourable items in the respective direction

These remedies are helpful in  eradication of the Problems/Obstacles/Difficulties and Hurdles indicated in the Lo-Shu grid for shining the future of those persons along with  the smooth and progressive life ..

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