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Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Knowledge which is based on the laws of nature and its effects on human beings. It formlates the rules for living spaces that would ensure harmony, prosperity, and health for its residents. These laws are based on the existing five elements of nature — Water, Air, Fire, Earth, and Space — and their effects on human life.

We at Vastu Astrogem, provide simple and effective and meaningful solutions to make your living space, living area vastu compliant, and we do this without recommending structural demolitions. We study the floor plan and interior design of your residence, and then align it with your horoscope based on your planetary strengths, to give customized recommendations. These changes will help you realize your goals and aspirations, and also help you resolve your challenges and problems in life.

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    By Vastu Shastra we help you to:

    • Gain career opportunities and growth in your field of work.
    • Improve your money opportunity and finances
    • Strengthening of relations within family, friends, and other required domains.
    • Help children learn better and perform at the best of their skills.
    • Reduce mental stress, anxiety, enhance clarity of thought
    • Increase the peace of mind, enhancing good mental health
    • Help in creating a good social circle
    • Help in improving anxiety from daily life,
    • Help in detoxification and working on low mood behaviours and depression
    • Help in getting support from people around and support from banking activities
    • Help in creating attraction toward your product and servicies
    • Help in creating quality control of your product
    • Help business in suffering,, declination in business,
    • Help in expenditure control,
    • Help & creating a happy environment in your house and place of business
    • Help in shortlisting vision for life

    Vastu Shastra In Various Sections

    Vastu for Home

    Vastu for Home

    Vastu for Sports

    Vastu for Career

    Vastu for Health

    Vastu for Relationship

    “To deliver and implement Vastu, in order to bring in “POSITIVE AURA & ENERGY” across the globe,
    where in millions of people can be benefited in their personal lives as well as at their jobs.”

    We are Group of Companies and has more than 2000+ professionals who are relentlessly striving with the objective of bringing happiness to the people at large across the world and are staying true to the philosophy “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam”, meaning that the whole universe is my family. More than 2,000 lectures, seminars and workshops have been delivered explaining the concepts of Vaastu to people across India and abroad.

    Vaastu is relevant for all types of buildings irrespective of their use like residences, industries, business establishments, lodges, hotels, educational institutes and others. Vaastu (Vastu Consultants) : A necessity for solving all life problems

    Till date, Vaastu has over lakhs of happy customers all over the world who have taken the solutions and are leading a happy and prosperous life.

    We assure success for you and your family by adopting the principles of Vaastu within 7 to 180 days of implementation of the advice

    • Every house / workplace has different sections related to life, the key ones being wealth, health, career, education, marriage & relationship.
    • There is a high degree of co-relation between energy and directions because of which, it can either support an individual to reach pinnacles of success & bring happiness or may also lead to a life full of mental stress and trauma.
    • The core to all the problems in matters concerning wealth, health, career, education, marriage & relationship is due to the imbalance of your seven chakras due to the influence of the unfavorable direction for any individual.
    • The seven chakras are channelized and charged, for continuous happy living, when the human beings are surrounded by Positive Energy and they follow their favorable directions.
    • Opening your seven chakras and allowing a healthy flow of energy is a powerful tool for staying balanced, maintaining good health and positive thoughts. Chakras are spinning wheels of electric energy of different colors that perform many functions connecting our energy fields, bodies and the broader Cosmic Energy Field.
    • By facing your favorable directions you will be able to achieve success for your efforts.

    Mode of operation

    1. Mode of operation query raised solution on phone, basic guidance (conversation of max 15 min.).
    2. Solutions free ( on a condition, 1. client must have to the scale map of house and gridded as per degree) (2.if client don’t have to the scale map , then share his details with draftsman ( he will make to the scale map of the client , and will grid the same/ charge for draftsman Rs. 3 sq. feet of slab area).
    3. After 2 solution if clients wants us to make visit, that will be chargeable fees for site visit, Rs. 12,500.
    4. In the above fees basic balancing of the house will be marked and guided,
    5. All remedies and solution material will be arranged by client himself, and implementation of the same

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